Jazz up biz communications with comics; Understanding Comics with Scott McCloud; and a lesson in criminals & conquerors with the Kingpin
Twist-tie ingenuity, the retro digital pleasures of Incredible Doom, thanks to Dwayne McDuffie for Hardware.
Freeform story structure in a 24 Hour Edit Contest, a beautiful ode to Boromir, a greasy goof on Daredevil
To build an audience, start with yourself; the simple pleasures of playing Firewatch; introducing a "big bad" to Dr. Strange.
How to (almost) win a movie theater; how to for sure save kids in a cave; putting the sand in Spider-Man.
A goldfish wins out over adversity. The joys of a One Minute Time Machine. "Hey Kids — Comics!" meets a Hellraiser Christmas.
The freedom of altering your creative yardstick; the ghostly treats of Sheets; an appreciation of Dr. Zero.
Embracing the layoff, singing along with Sondheim, a look back at Strange Days
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