What will you discover in the Storymaze?

It’s the eternal question: what’s in it for me? See how this grabs you: I’ve been hitting the keyboard for a long while, generally under the pretentious sounding moniker “D.G. Chichester” — although I hope I’m not actually as pretentious as that sounds! What I’ve been happy to be doing all that time is crafting stories for Marvel Comics (Daredevil, Hellraiser, Nick Fury, the Midnight Sons) and a whole lot of big business advertising (tech, healthcare, real estate, tourism, toy companies). As a “working writer”, I’ve got a unique POV on storytelling and storytellers. That’s what’s waiting in the Storymaze. This is a chance to find the good stuff together.


Daredevil (1964) #380 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Daredevil #380 was the last issue of the first volume of that comic, and me and collaborator Lee Weeks were invited back to finish off the title’s original numbering in style. Get your very own copy of the original plot to the story, the blueprint Lee used to bring it all to life with his amazing pencils. See where things line up with the finished comic — and where they sometimes (gasp!) diverge. You get all my story beats, all my asides to Lee, all my typos. Get your link to download when you sign up!

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Twisty Little Passages

I’ll be posting creative writing (comics, interactive fiction), biz writing (without the blah-blah-blah), essays on tech, games, movies. New work-in-progress, never before seen samples from projects that went into hiding, and experiments in short stories. Ideas for amping up your own wordplay. Mixing it up from one to the next with text-on-screen, audio plays, podcasts, transcripts.

You never go wrong with a little Twilight Zone call out

Treasure Seekers

The Oldest Treasure Map in History | Key West Shipwreck Museum

It’s not just about me: it’s about the other storytellers who are traveling into their own Storymazes and bringing out amazing treasures. I’ll steer around the obvious (“‘The Queens Gambit’ was so super good!”) and put the spotlight on more unique games, books, videos and whatev that really work the magic.

The Comics Labyrinth

Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier made me royalty — and a running gag!

From Captain America to Batman, from Nightbreed to Punisher, from the printed page to the retro “cybercomics” of the nineties… as a writer and editor I’ve got hundreds of comics to my credit, and it’s overdue to show them off. Expect covers, panels, interviews and the “stories behind the stories.”

Web of Intrigue

Sometimes there’s something to be said for what someone else said. The right quote can get you through the day, or kick off that unexpected creative project. Of course, I’ll only be including the absolute right ones! Or at least the ones that have me curious and curiouser.

Wolverine: Inner Fury (1992) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

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